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eAlbania Embassy

Post  freeman292 on Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:12 pm

It is my pleasure to announce, that I got selected to be the new eAlbanian Ambassador for eNew Zealand, and I am extremely delighted to get the chance to know your country more. My mission, which is also my pleasure in the same time, is to tighten the ties between our countries, I'm sure that we will have a great time together!

As most of you know, eAlbania is the newest country in Erepublik, and since the first days, our people have kept working hard to make our country get better economically, and also make good relations with other countries. The first steps have been very good, because of our good cooperation with the other countries, we are now a full member of EDEN, and because of our successful babybooms, we have now over 5000 active citizens! Of course we could not have done that without the help of our dear allies. But we wont stop with this, we will work harder for our country. I apologize for the lack of my experience, this this the first time I get named as an Ambassador. I also thought that you people might be curious to know our Government, so here they are:

President: Napoleon 54
Vice President & Minister of Internal Affairs: KRIMIKO
Minister of Defense: Kris Hasa
Vice/Minister of Defense: Kleantjo Isufi
Vice/Minister of Defense: Albanianboy21
Minister of Economy: Visar Jasiqi
Vice/Minister of Economy: eBiord
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Roger Griswald
Minister of Education: Alban Mustafa
Vice/Minister of Education: CPIRRA

If you got any questions about anything that includes eAlbania or something related to that don't hesitate to message me.

Sincerely yours,


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